Ok so who am I?  Big Jeff Jones, salsa expert, rhythm & blues bassist, part time curmudgeon, aging player.  Clean and sober 23 years and an unflinching realist as only a true mystic can be.  I live the law of attraction and abundance, have no time for stupid questions.  Know the truth.  It will set you free. 

I come from the “bottoms.”  you probably don’t know nothing ’bout that.  I will weep for joy sooner than I will cry from pain.  Use the force that God gave you.  You were instructed to do so.   That’s what I do.


2 responses to “About

  1. Vance Harris

    Double “J” Jones,

    Was just reading through your wisdom and humor, and got an urge to tell you that you’ll be in my heart till my last breath on this earth.
    You truly do live a life of attraction and abundance…….and you are sharing your knowledge of the truth with me. For that I will be forever grateful and practice to the best of my ability the principles laid at my feet. To one day embrace and guide a lost soul that wants what “I” have…….(FREEDOM FROM THE BONDAGE OF SELF!!!!!!!) and women……………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you “BIG JEFF”

    your pigeon and friend!!!

  2. 24 years as of Nov. 7th 2007…

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