Joe Bonamassa at the Royal Albert Hall w/Eric Clapton

I watched the entire RAH DVD last night…I was almost speechless.  I know. Hard to believe.  interviews and all.

Watching that DVD, I was there onstage with my friends, couldn’t help it, transported by magic.  Every nuance of expression, every quick grin, every slick Rojas bass trick, every fake out by Bogie (when one thinks crash and all you get is “ting”), every time Joe closed his eyes and breathed power into every note, every Rick doubling of a guitar part, every horn swell in perfect time, the respect given to and received from the second drummer Fig, every unspoken communication between master artists at the top of their game, I felt more than saw, and I’m somewhat visual.

I try not to be too critical, as a musician, because I am a musician, and I know how much WORK it is.  I almost cried when Len said yeah he has God given talent, but his work ethic is why he is what he is, and why he’s here.  I KNEW THAT.  I said that the first time I watched him play.  I have no critique…i love it, farts and all.  I connected with the force of a BAND making music. 

I call them my friends, my mates, my brothers.  I hope they know it.  Carminito, te amo papi.  Bendigos!  I don’t have many true friends.  I have more friends on this forum…it’s just too wierd…plumb mushy-headed, I reckon.  Hope that doesn’t sound like I’m bragging.

I’m getting wound up…anyway, I saw the old stoic himself, smile a little when Joe pushed him just a bit, so he pushed back.  Sweet!  I heard blues variations on a theme.  Chorus, verse and bridge.  A lost art raised from the spiritual death of ignorance and commercialism.  Emotion both raw and processed.  Edited superbly. 

My son came out of their bedroom and sat.  He looked at me and said, “Well that was kickass.” in his usual too cool for school way.  High praise. 

Blues Deluxe answered every blunatic purist in the world…take that, you unwashed heathens.  Happier Times, The Great Flood, TBOH, Joe dug deep and put it out there.  Let no man judge.  Genius!  SloeGin?  Broken down old Bob Ezrin should thank you.   

All of the standards: especially…So Many Roads…  covered with an unstoppable force of artistic expression.  Just listen, I mean, really listen to what this art form is telling you.  You will not be sorry.  You might even be better for it.  Screw politics. 

Well done Bonamassa Band and the Caveman.  Just another gig, RoadDawgs?  Respect to you.

I have spoken
with much love
I am the Funky Dr of Love


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