Motorcycle August Blues

OK more about my trip:
Miserable on the way up.  But I made it to hugs and kisses all around at Sister Cate’s magic kingdom.  But to pick up where I left off earlier…after Joe jammed with Derek, I headed up the hill curious about the mix out front.  I returned to find Carmine gone.  I guess old WhosieWhat rushed them out before traffic got nuts.

I had intended to introduce Todd Smallie to Carmine Rojas, but that didn’t happen.  So I chatted for a few more minutes with Todd and Derek, where I saw Spider and RICjunkie and Jimmy lurking.  So we rejoined our forces, wrasseled down the minivan.  It was fighting with George, so I flung a leg over it and together we pummeled it to submission.  Then we drove (ALL of us) back to Camp Cathy’s.

I was late moving out in the morning so I went a bit later to Jane’s.  Jane Dear!  Thank you for that fabulous spread and your hospitality…nice -place.  I checked your neck to see if there was any damage from head bangin right down front.  But you looked strong.  With the whole gang there, I ate like the little piggy that I am and laughed and did my “Seasick Watermelon Slim Steve”  impersonation… um… one for the alkies…

Dean, Melissa, Amelia & Nico were there…and the dog!  “Doncha be eyeballing mah poultry there furface!”  lol  I left there and headed to Florida.  Tuesday I was home.


Blues From the Bottoms


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