Hot August Blues

I will start by saying BonaBuddies are my BonaFamily. Just Lovely. I have to put aside my tongue in cheek attitude about some guitarists. Jack, Ben, Eric, Ken & Tom ate BBQ with me at the festival. I will never forget that. Thank you fellas!

Andy was out and about in his spiderchair. Sandy and crew, I forgot to give you my pass to take pics. Sorry, I was caught up! General Bob send me a gift pak, please. Watching the elders out kvetch one another was quite amazing. Two mother hens. I love you guys immensely. Respect! What a house in the forest. I regret that I did not jam more than a minute with Jimmy. Good man. Eva Darling and Guenter (much Love) are amazing English speakers and musicologists. The forest buzzed with good karma.

Squatting on the hill at the festival, I felt Libby stir the force. I turned my head and there she was. Cosmic. I met with my brothers in the band…what a joy. What laughs we shared.

As usual Joe came, preached to the masses and converted the uninitiated. What a set. Jane & Rocket right down front with so many others. Joe had to exert some influence to quiet some over zealous staff. They don’t know who Melissa is.

Had To Cry today was a surprise and a tour-de-force. Carmine and Joe just ripped several songs into little bitty pieces. They rocked hard. So many roads is a soulful nod to us old school blunatics…thanks Joe.

Derek Trucks Band: A jazzy, soulful, southern olio with influences from Allman Brothers to Miles Davis to Africa. The mix was a bit harsh, though. Sometimes the sound crew needs a flogging. It’s a travesty. As Derek headed out the door towards the stage, I asked him if he was going to speak to Joe. He grinned at me and said, “I already did.”

I’ll print more later. Going to work now.



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