The economy is great!

We did the first day of the craft show on Main Street Deland, FL selling and demoing Sweet and Sassy Salsa  and only the walking dead appeared; on gurneys and in wheelchairs…with empty pockets! 

One poor sob (a young, good looking, able bodied man, not in a wheelchair) was embarrased to tell me he did not have $25 in pocket.  The day after payday?  So I wondered “…why are you wandering around on the street at a craft fair?  Why don’t you have a booth or at your job or hustle or sumpn?”

So all the vendors blamed the economy, you know, the price of gas for the fact that the unwashed masses are not spending money buying their trinkets.  I just laughed out loud.  I’ll tell you why.

Last month we were at the high dollar mall in Orlando/Sanford with the girls volleyball team.  Some of the mom’s were doing that parrot thing.  “Oh the economy is so bad…”  Stop I said, right now, and look around you.  Like this car? $70,000.  How about this one? $45,000.  And I went on & on.

10,000 cars at (let’s lowball it) $40,000 apiece.  $400,000,000…400 million dollars in one hundred acre parking lot!  The economy is not bad.  The money has not disappeared.  It has moved.  It’s not gone.  The press is screaming about the disappearing middle class.  What they are not telling us is that 2/3 of them are moving to the upper class.  I will go with them.  I am one of us.

So I refuse to be a parrot for bad news or a herd animal led to slaughter by the government or the clergy.  I give money to the WoundedWarriorProject.  I don’t do fear.  I create, I share, and I pray to the Almighty for the strength to do his will and I use the brain he gave me, so I work.  How about you?

So I will not be there next year because my upscale customer is not there.  Many of those vendors will change nothing, stay right where they be at and cry the blues because making a change (hustle) is too much work.

The only one that got it right was my identical twin Jimbo Bob Billy Ray’s woman Paura in the next booth over when she said “We don’t have the right goods for this crowd…what can we sell them?”

Ms Tia said, “Metamucil, so they can move their bowels.”  Now that’s funny.


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