An abomination airline

I went to Boston to play a gig with my brother.  It was fabulous until…

Here’s what I wrote the airline in question after being delayed:

I was told at the curbside baggage check that the flight was cancelled.  They could not
tell me when or why.  When I got inside the Floor agents had no idea what was to be done.  I was
rudely told to stand in line and wait my turn.  There were at least 1000 angry people in line.  When
I got to the desk, over 90 minutes later, I was told that the flight I was to be transferred to was
full (She lied to me!) and I was forced to make a decision on the spot about Tuesdays flight.  I
have missed a day’s work, forced to stay another night, forced to take public trans in an unknown
city and forced to stay in a siblings house overnight unplanned & uninvited.  I kept my cool in
Logan airport becaquse the ticket girls did the best they could.  But I am IRATE.  ******* owes me
an explanation and a full refund.  I will not fly you again if you do not handle this properly. 
Rude Floor agents, mis information and mismanagement.  I await your response before I tell all I
know what happened.  There is no EXCUSE for this.



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5 responses to “An abomination airline

  1. oh ouch! What a hassle! I am sorry this happened to you (and I am curious which airline it is!)

    It used to be such fun flying, but since 9/11 the fun just isn’t there. I’m not one for driving to go places – the thought of being in a car a long time maks me shudder – but after my last few flights I am beginning to think that even with the cost of gas it’s just better. (at least we can see some cool things along the way I guess?)

  2. Sandy

    We call abomination airlines or awful airlines or sometimes appaling airlines. We’ve had similar experiences…and WORSE! Glad you’re back ok.

  3. Give us the right to reproduce your unedited letter and I am sure many people will put it on their site. I always enjoy taking on the big dogs of the corporate world.

  4. Alison

    Your band looks really cool! What type of music do you play? Sorry about the airlines. I have to say I have never, ever flown before and don’t plan to with all of the stories I hear.

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