Music in our blood:

Just goes to show you what I know.  not so much.

Played music in my garage/studio with my 18 year old son on guitar and my 16 year old son on drums last night.  We were just making up stuff and then we settled into a groove of 4 chords.  It was kinda hard rockish at first, then I started funking up the bass with some starts and stops and Sean the younger got this wicked thing going with his right foot.  Ryan the mayor settled into this very straight time crunch thing on his guitar and it was OK, so I thought.  Nothing special…Wrong!

Ms.Tia came in when we finally quit and said, “That was awesome!”  She is surrounded by musicians all the time.  She is just not that distracted by any of it.  So high praise, indeed.

And it’s nothing I could push any of them into doing.  I’m the OLD MAN, boring and set in his ways and judgemental about the younger generation of spoiled rotten, self indulgent, ipod listening, no working, no driving, text messaging, sissified tweety birds that can’t even pay their own way.  lol

So I said to them, “Yeah boys, that was real good, for whatever that’s worth.”  So they got this wierd look on their faces and the older one says, “Quite a bit, suprisingly.”  The younger just broke into this s**t eating grin. “oh yeah,” he said. 

I almost lost it.  I’m getting soft. 

My daughter is playing boogie woogie holiday music on the piano as I post.  I am grateful to God and a proud & happy man.

So how many of you musicians have musicians in the family?  Do you jam with them?  I wanna know!

 Merry Christmas to all!


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