Has it really been 3 months?

I’m not lost.  I’m overwhelmed.  But not for long…my Brother Bob is in Florida and we’re gonna jam!

Super Huge Special Thanks & a sloppy wet kiss to my friend Jeff Fedora for allowing us Host status on August 15th, 2007 at his True Blues Ham on Wednesday nights, a burden that he carries too often alone.  I guess I’ll bribe Eddie. 

Jeff F is the President of the Daytona Blues Society , a maddening situation to say the least.  But the truth is we need all the support you can give us.  Don’t be cheap!

Not with your time or your money!  There are babies being born every day that need guidance and blues.  We gotta go back.  Almighty God gave us all races, creeds and colors to enjoy the infinite variety of life.  Not to fight and make cliques. 

I wonder sometimes (not often, cause I’m a Dad) where I fit in…but not for long.  I have music in my soul; another language if you will.  English, Spanglish, Frenchicano, Ghetto, Jazz, Blues & Soul.  It’s all good.  (GRIN)

So join us PLEASE!  8/15/07 at the Bank & Blues Club on Main Street in Daytona Beach @ 8:30 PM.


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