Yes I’m unique. So what!

End of HikeHappy Easter one and all!  Here’s the latest by Expert Author “ME”. 

This post is titled so for several reasons.  My brother Bob told me recently that some good had come from my innate ability to piss a lot of people off…or was it piss off a lot of people?  He uses English well.

Anyway when I came out of hibernation musically 1 year ago, I hadn’t been to many blues jams (an oxymoron?), had no band, had no affiliation with any music people and was out of touch.  Now I have a band “Blues From the Bottoms” and I’m the Secretary of the Daytona Blues Society.

The band I’m proud of.  I’ve added almost 100 songs to my own repertoire. 

I might be the worst secretary DBS has ever had, but I don’t care ’bout that ’cause I write the Newsletter.   Mike & Jeff are very capable administrators and excellent guitarists & I don’t like many guitar players.  

The ones I run with are a credit to their instrument.  My aforementioned brother Bob Jones is at the top of that heap.  He is the consumate guitar player.  He can be the third guitarist in the band or he can front up.  I’m giddy when we get a chance to play together.  We can go anywhere and with the right drummer, entertain a crowd for hours.  AND KICK their ass, too.  He would not be so glowing in his brag…but it’s true.

I have a disturbing tendency to tell the truth.  I sure will shut somebody down if I think they’re overstepping their authority or their boundaries.  Yet at the same time I offend so many people,  I’ve managed to keep & grow a highly political, high tech, high security job in state government.

My Boss once said that in the Capitol some folks there call me the “final solution.”  I’m not sure if he was joking or what.  I’m a good friend and good sponsor, I’m told.

I truly don’t care what people think about me. God is my only judge. T loves me. The other T loves me. My kids love and respect me. 

I’ve had a good day.  Family was here and I believe in the promise of Easter.  Won’t go to church, but I believe and I am grateful.


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