Baptized by Fire

All of Feb & half of March has come & gone.  I apologize.  I’ve lost count of the friends and family we have buried since Halloween.  I guess I’m getting to that age.  I can’t really say that though cause the youngest & most recent one was 42 years of age.   That’s all I want to say ’bout that. 

Thanks to those of you who came to The Deland Bike Rally in the wet and cold.  You know who you are.  We love you.  Shout out to Lori from Seminole Harley.   Call us anytime.

I’ve put up the March Recipe for St Paddy’s Day.  “About time!”  some of you will say.  You’re right…of course.  Swamp sauce is ready, too.  Good stuff…makes road-kill fit to eat. 

Daytona Blues Society All Stars will be scorching the earth on Friday March 16th at 7:00 PM in the Port Orange Ampitheater for 2 hours.  I will be there holding down that big bottom.



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2 responses to “Baptized by Fire

  1. Oh wait. Yes, I have. I’m sorry, but I just don’t have it in me right now to type it all out again. Besides, it was just ramblings anyway. You didn’t want to hear me go on and on about this, right?

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