Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Well, 2007 is here. I just left a small gathering in my neighborhood, where the young ones were throwing up their beer bongs and the old ones were laughing. I’m so gratefull for so many blessings. The biggest one I can think of right now is no hangover!

I always try to remember the awe I felt when I was younger, watching the ball drop. I’m older now and it occurs to me that even if the ball don’t drop, it won’t change tomorrow for me. Not much the government or the church or the neighbors can do to dictate how I believe and even more importantly how I behave. I’m whole.

I guess I better finish production on the swamp sauce. But in the meantime sweetandsassysalsa is a real good place to shop. We have salsa, bbq & hot sauces and recipes to tell you how to use it.

Much Love to All,
Big Jeff


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