I thought it was a good idea…

But I was told this morning via an early morning email that the final product was stupid. She said, ” I know you and I know what you meant, and it’s very generous, but what you put up in your e-store didn’t make no sense.”

So I called her, after the sun came up, she explained herself and then, she came and gave me $40 and left with a case of Medium Sweet and Sassy Salsa. Such Love!

When I looked at it later… oh hell, she’s right. I’ve since changed the order page around for the Gift Certificates because it was stupid and “…didn’t make no sense!” OOPS!

Now it’s very obvious that if you want a $90 gift certificate, the price is $60.00. If you want a $45 Gift Certificate the price is…drumroll please…$30! So, that makes sense now. If you want to take advantage of my generosity, you have 5 extra days (I’m willing to make it right) untill 12/29/06 to buy now or lose this chance.

I was gonna cut it off Christmas Eve at Midnight, but you know…

You will be redirected to a top secret discount code page to print a certificate, so you can order online right away or you can wait and use it later after you give your LOVE offering away.

May God Bless you and yours. I mean that.

Big Jeff Jones

PS: Don’t kid yourself! This is the deal of the year. Are you ready for the New Year?



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