The Funky Dr of Love loves Blues!

Hello Music Lovers!

I have a throbbing anticipation.  I’m so stoked, I can’t sit still.  Blues From the Bottoms is taking the stage Wednesday night, Nov. 29th, 2006.

The Bank & Blues Club (Main Street, Daytona Beach) will not be the same after this. WHAT? Why’s that, you ax?  Well this is the “True Blues Taste Test,” and I A’INT SCARED!  Taste this: Sweet and Sassy Salsa.

We have appearing with us two very special guests; Mr. Jeff Fedora (President of the Daytona Blues Society) playing his inimitable style of blues guitar and my brother Mr. Bob Jones, lead guitarist of the BackBeat Blues band (Boston, MA)…so Paul, Shaun, the Colonel and I are gonna put a red-hot bottom onstage to launch the soul music into the Blues Ether.

My partner Paul Watson (Guitar) is an old pro, happy to share the stage with real blues men.  The holy spirit of hard rocking, rhythm & blues will be felt in your  soul & in the marrow of your bones. 

There will be wailing, beating of breast and gnashing of teeth among the pretenders. 

Women will shake what they got, praise God.

By the time Ronnie Byrd Foster joins us on stage to sing for our 4 song encore, the place will be on fire and it will be time to lock the back door. The wannabees will die a thousand deaths in the cold back alley. All alone…like the first time they had sex.

DO NOT MISS THIS. YOU WILL BE SORRY. We will tape and record this show so CDs & DVDs will be on sale the following week, but you gotta be there.  

Much love,

Big Jeff the Redbone Jones aka

The Funky Dr. of Love


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