Benefits of Sweet and Sassy Salsa

5 Outstanding Benefits from consuming these delicious products:

BENEFIT #1: Since I started eating these delicious products, I’ve never been bit by vampires. This is not just salsa I’m selling here. Demons run and hide when I speak. Who’s the Funky Dr?

BENEFIT #2: No exit wounds! If you love spicy foods and your stomach is stopping you, then read on. We have something you can enjoy, pain free. No side effects, no exit wounds.

BENEFIT #3: I’ve never been struck by lightning. I’ve been the source of some high voltage blasts, but I’ve never been struck.

BENEFIT #4: I can breathe! There’s superior sinus congestion relief in each and every jar of Sweet and Sassy Salsa and hot sauces.

BENEFIT #5: Arthritis is a thing of the past. I’m not stiff where I’m not supposed to be! You can figure that out for yourself.

BENEFIT #6: Plumb regular. Sweet and Sassy Salsa stuff is good for your system. It’s a source of good food.

BENEFIT #7: This stuff will make you a very funky drummer or bass player, no hope for most guitarists. The one’s that play with me are notable exceptions, or else.

If you don’t want a FREE Gift then join our recipe club!


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